An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
~Benjamin Franklin

Education Action Plans

SR-1 Community Engagement


  • To develop educated, informed stakeholders who are willing to become active participants in
    outreach, restoration, preservation, and protection activities in the BTES to include:

    • citizen monitoring.
    • vegetative planting.
    • storm drain stenciling.
    • data collection and mapping (inserting waypoints, photos, etc. on Google maps to
      create reference points for restoration efforts).
    • community outreach and social media (“Pic on a Post” and social media hashtag photo
      reference points for restoration works).

SR-5 Estuarine Curriculum Development


  • To continue to develop and produce curriculum and instructional materials and programs for
    estuarine education for the BTES

SR-6 Continuing Education Programs and Informal Education Programs


  • To provide opportunities for a comprehensive continuing education program and an informal
    estuarine education program

SR-7 Financial Support for Educational Initiatives


  • To garner support and secure financial resources for the implementation of curriculum,
    professional development and other estuarine educational initiatives.