Additional Activities

BTNEP is pleased to share additional curriculum developed by our partners.

Teaching our children to understand conservation is an integral step to ensure our wetlands will continue to be in existence for future generations. Use this activity book to start the discussion with your children about Louisiana’s coastal wetlands and their conservation.

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Produced by: CWPPRA

Join the Estuarians to learn about America’s WETLAND. Booklet includes puzzles, word search, games, and a land loss map. It is appropriate for students in grades 3-8. This activity book is designed for educators to use in the classroom.

Produced by: The America’s WETLAND Campaign to Save Coastal Louisiana

This activity book is designed for educators to use in the classroom. It has puzzles, color sheets and word searches. It also provides a Hurricane Katrina tracking game.

Produced by: NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Learn more about the Louisiana Univeristies Marine Consortium through this wonderful activity book that includes excellent drawings of marine organisms, life cycle information, games, puzzels, and even cut out paper dolls of LUMCON scientists and the clothes the scientists wear to do their work. This great resource created by Jennifer “Murt” Conover, LUMCON K-12 Education Coodinator, is designed for elementary students.

Produced by: LUMCON – Louisiana Univeristies Marine Consortium

Lessons on the Lake is the activity guide you’ve been waiting for! A variety of educational strategies based on “multiple intelligences” were developed to challenge the creative and higher level thinking skills of students. These include Verbal, Visual, Logical, Musical, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Naturalist.

This resource is full of activities that provide students with hands-on opportunities to experience and appreciate the wonders of the Basin. It also teaches skills to identify environmental concerns, make decisions, solve problems, and acquire a strong sense of stewardship. The second edition of Lessons on the Lake was released in Spring 2002 and is available to teachers in the Pontchartrain Basin free of charge.

Produced by: Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation